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Increasing the quality of healthcare requires societies to increase actions towards disease prevention.

Quality testing helps with reducing the spread of diseases while increasing the progression towards preventative care solutions. Syncier BioTech is embarking on the journey towards preventative medicine via molecular diagnostic testing.

Molecular Testing

Molecular testing is the method in which individuals can now understand their DNA and how it effects their health.

Whether it be for cancer genomics, drug delivery, etc., molecular testing gives a detailed understanding of these health concerns at an ever-growing rate. Molecular testing is a strong pre-screening tool to better assess a patient's chances of having an increased risk towards a multitude of health concerns. This is a strong tool for physicians and patients so that better measures can be taken towards their health, based on the test results.


Cancer Genomics

Spread of cancer is a global epidemic. As time has been progressing, an increase of cancer cases has been widely shown.

Syncier BioTech can now help you understand your risk of getting hereditary cancers by sequencing your DNA. Providing you with the power of knowledge!

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