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  60-minute experience
  3 - 8 players
  Your team will be divided into 3 different starting areas at the beginning of the game.
Convicted does require mobility to explore every aspect of the game.
Please contact us for details.
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You have been convicted and sentenced to life in prison. You’ve been planning to break out for some time and, you’ve managed to bribe one of the guards. He will help you escape. The prison is incredibly dangerous and the guard is too afraid to be caught letting you out. So, the guard has made sure to leave you some clues on how to escape. In just a few minutes, he is going to distract the other guards and the prison will be unattended for just enough time for you to escape. You have one hour to follow the clues the guard left behind and escape before the other guards return. But be careful, if you are caught - the guards will certainly make sure you never have another chance to escape again. Good luck!

Adventure Park

  60-minute experience
  2 - 12 players
Adventure Park
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You heard an interesting rumor about an abandoned amusement park and wanted to check it out with a group of your friends. Legend has it that a great storm destroyed much of the Park and the owners never had a chance to rebuild before they passed. You and a group of your friends went exploring in search of the park and finally found the entrance hidden among boarded up doors, locks and overgrown weeds. Once you find your way inside, you realize the doors locked behind you. The Day Pass you used to enter the park was a one-way ticket. In order to get out and win the game, you must finish the park and escape before getting trapped inside. You have 60 minutes to bring the park back to life and open the doors.

The Chocolate Factory

  60-minute experience
  2 - 10 players
Chocolate Factory
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The old Chocolate Master wasn’t feeling so good. This was the first time in years when he missed an order of his famous chocolate treats. Soon after, the newspaper announced his passing. The great Chocolate Factory closed it's doors forever. However, a year later there was an odd rumor that the Master was on the lookout for a successor and left behind clues on how to open the unbreakable doors. In the factory, he hid his greatest recipe. You have one hour to get into the factory, find the recipe and replicate it to become the next Chocolate Master and own the factory. Will you be able to find the clues that the old Chocolate Master left behind before time runs out?

The Zodiac

  60-minute experience
  2 - 10 players
The Zodiac

You finally got a lucky break as a journalist when you received a tip about the whereabouts of an active serial killer with a passion for the arts, especially photography. You’re eager to confirm this lead, warn the authorities and write an amazing follow up story. But you know this type of work proves beyond dangerous, so you chose not to go alone. Turns out your gut feeling was right. You weren’t the only one tipped off. The killer has been taunting the police and the press for years with unsolved riddles that lead nowhere and now you’re stuck right in the middle of it. After running through the forest for hours, you finally stumble upon what appears to be a cozy cabin. However, once inside, you realize you made a mistake. You hope your instincts can save you in time. Will you be able to find the right clues and get out before the killer returns?

The Agency

  60-minute experience
  2 - 10 players
The Agency
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The Agency was attacked! In a matter of minutes someone breached security, managed to capture a senior agent and make it out of the building without getting caught. While nothing from the Research Division has been stolen, the agent was kidnapped from the most secured facility in the world. Everyone is on red alert. Teams are already scrambling. Your team's mission is to find clues to rescue the missing agent, find out why The Agency was attacked and put a stop to it! The best place to start is where everything unfolded, his office. Can you complete your mission before time runs out?



"Begin at the beginning...and go on till you come to the end: then stop."--Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

We have real-life clue rooms where people work together as a team to find hidden objects, solve puzzles, and crack codes to win the game. Our game creations are fully immersive environments that involve live interactive game play. We have four staged 5204585410 where the objective is to solve the room's mystery. The anticipation of knowing there is a clock counting down during playtime builds drama and adds to the excitement of the experience. Get a Clue Games offers 1-hour game experiences, 618-639-8248 and hosts private parties.


  • Make sure you communicate openly with everyone in the room. Share clues you’ve uncovered. Work together to make connections. If you discover new information, be sure everyone in the room knows about it.
  • Please remember these basic rules:
  • There is no need to lift or move heavy objects.
  • Never use force to try to open locked items or remove décor.
  • Cell phones and other electronic devices must remain off and cannot be used inside the room.
  • There are no clues hidden in any electrical outlets.
  • You do not need to climb on anything to get clues.
  • Keep the games a mystery! Please do not reveal clues or answers on social media about the secrets of the rooms.

Hours of Operation

It is recommended that you make a reservation.

Monday - By Appointment
Tuesday - By Appointment
Wednesday - By Appointment
Thursday - By Appointment
Friday - 5:30pm - 9pm
Saturday - 12pm - 10pm
Sunday - 12pm - 6pm

Ways to play

Play for Fun

Come and play with a group of friends and family.

Birthday Parties

What a great way to celebrate your birthday.

Date Night

Come and play a room for a date night. More exciting than sitting in a movie theatre in silence.

Team Building

"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation"--Plato

Are you ready to take your team's performance to a new level and see how dynamic they can be in a new environment? Come and explore the best way to highlight your leaders, problem solvers & organizers through fun and challenging game play.

Here at Get a Clue Games, we specialize in employee engagement activities. We have puzzle rooms designed to help your employees work together in new and different ways. We're passionate about helping local businesses increase employee morale.

We offer the following Team Building activities:

  • Play For Fun. Come and enjoy a fabulous day out with your team.
  • Take The Challenge. Track your team’s performance in all rooms!

Some of our Team Building Customers:

Frequently Asked Questions

A Clue Room or Escape Room is an adventure where you need to find clues, solve puzzles, use logic and your power of observation to "win" the room within an hour.

It costs only $28 per person for our 60-minute room experiences.

Yes, reservations are required. Please purchase your tickets online before your visit by clicking on any of the 3105622643 buttons on our website. Pick a date, pick a room and book spots for you and your group. We can't wait to see you. If you do not see a time that suits you please contact us and we may be able to schedule a private booking time.

Zodiac, Chocolate Factory and Agency can hold a maximum of 10 players. Adventure Park can hold a maximum of 12 players. Convicted can hold a maximum of 8 players.

Yes, but it requires you to purchase all the tickets available for the specific time slot you wish to participate. Select Private Room when booking. If you cannot purchase all the tickets because someone else has already purchased some, you will need to find another time slot.

Yes. We can accomodate up to 50 players. Parties are booked as private room experiences so you and your guests have the room for 60 minutes to play. If you want to have a birthday party at Get a Clue Games give us a call and we can get you in for some awesome fun. Perfect for ages 9 and up. At least one adult in each room is required.

Yes, our rooms are designed for ages 9 and up. We are a family friendly escape room. You must have at least one adult for groups of players if they are under 14. If you have children in your group you must book a private room experience. Babies and toddlers (under 5 years old) are not permitted in the rooms at anytime.

Yes. You can reschedule or cancel up to 48 hours before your time slot and receive a full refund less transaction and cancellation fees. You can call, email or change it yourself via the link on your confirmation email. If you call or email please provide the details of your original appointment. Sorry, we do not offer refunds if not cancelled or rescheduled within 48 hours of your booking date and time.

We recommend that you plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time. Because these are live-action events you must arrive on time in order to participate. We cannot wait for latecomers. The game begins at exactly the time you signed up for. Leave ample time to allow for traffic and parking. If you arrive after the time you booked, you will not be allowed to participate. There are no refunds or exchanges for participants who arrive past their booking time.

No, you are not locked in a room. You are free to leave at anytime during your gameplay if you need to. You will however not be allowed back into the room if you leave.

Absolutely. Please contact us to make arrangements. We would love to hear from you.

Absolutely. We will customize your experience and team building event based on your goals and needs. Solving our games requires good teamwork, observation, problem-solving and communication skills. Get a Clue Games is the perfect activity for corporate groups who want their employees to get to know one another, have fun and improve their teamwork and problem solving skills. "You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation"--Plato. Please contact us to make arrangements.

Nope. You will be teamed up with other people in the same game which makes the experience more fun. If you would like to have the entire room for your party then you will need to purchase all the tickets for that time slot. Choose Private Room when booking.

We do not allow food or drinks in the clue rooms. You will be having fun and attempting to solve the puzzles by finding clues and won't have anytime to eat or drink.

We are an alcohol-free establishment so please do not bring any. We reserve the right to turn away any overly intoxicated players. Please understand that we want everybody to have a great time and a wonderful experience while playing our clue rooms.

Absolutely, just click on the Book Now button and select the link that says Buy Gift Card. This is also where you will redeem the gift Certificate.

Click on the Book Now button and select the link that says Redeem Gift Card. Enter your gift certificate number at checkout.

Please wear comfortable clothes. Shirts and shoes are required.


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